Create a Coaching Program that Impacts Teaching & Learning

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Wednesday, October 12 at 11:30am ET

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Thursday, October 13 at 6:00pm ET

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Make 2022-2023 the school year where you invest in creating a stronger coaching program — one that fully supports and energizes your teachers while creating a culture of learning and growth for all students. 

Please join us for this 30-minute webinar where we’ll share the findings and recommendations from the 2022 Coaching Impact Report.

Walk away with:

  • How educators view the roles and priorities of coaches

  • The most commonly used coaching models

  • How data is being used (or not) to help drive coaching decisions

  • Commonly used systems and tools for supporting coaching programs

  • 4 actionable recommendations for building your coaching program 

Hosted by TeachBoost

The TeachBoost team believes that the best student outcomes are achieved when educators are fully supported. That’s why we create tools that support the learning and development of classroom teachers. 

TeachBoost engaged Latshaw Marketing as an independent third-party to conduct the research and author the 2022 Coaching Impact Report. Margo Reynolds and Marissa Latshaw will be joining Jason DeRoner to present the report’s findings and recommendations. 


Jason DeRoner

Jason DeRoner is one of the founders of TeachBoost, an organization dedicated to creating great software tools so every teacher receives the support and resources to ensure high quality instruction for their students. He's passionate about working educators to build products they'll love to use, and provide real results for them and the students they serve.

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Marissa Latshaw

Marissa is the founder of Latshaw Marketing which specializes in qualitative audience research, strategic positioning, and marketing planning. She works with teams to harness empathy to create meaningful connections and sustainable business results.


Margo Reynolds

Margo is a communications strategist and former elementary and middle school classroom teacher. She has led digital engagement and community outreach strategies for several of the nation's top nonprofits focused on education policy, curriculum, school leader training, professional development, and social justice.